WebScio – Where ideas live

With the number of Web-based companies out there growing like mushrooms, it seemed like a hopeless enterprise to form yet another one and hope that clients and projects would come eventually. In fact, much like a job seeker needs to be able to exhibit experience in the field in order to get a job, even if you have worked on private projects for a decade, your Web firm still needs to have a respectable public portfolio to stand any chance of being picked up for a job. The analogy can be extended even further: if you want to be hired by a really innovative and cool company, you need to show not only skill, which something that can be acquired relatively easily, but also an abundance of creativity and engagement in your field.

Curiously enough though, once you go down the route of building independent public projects, commercial or otherwise, you realize that this is where the real challenge of modern Web work lies – in structuring, designing and executing the numerous startup ideas into highly useful (and eventually profitable) projects that bring both value and joy to your client. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for the end user or a business client, nor if it’s a commercial or a non-profit project – the rewards of a successful execution and a satisfied client are the same, and these are what truly drives us.

So, with all that said, and after having successfully launched PaperCritic and a second project nearing its launch, we thought that it’s time we offered our services to anyone who has ideas for a Web project, but either lacks the time or the skills to execute these in a way that would bring real value to the user and true satisfaction the creator. Enter WebScio – where ideas live!


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