Topify is back with a new team!

It is my pleasure to announce that after almost one and a half years in the wilderness, induced by me finishing my studies and moving to a new country, and my designer fellow opting to take up his own firm full time, Topify is finally back on track. As I have no expertise, skill, or talent in either design or serious marketing, I was reluctant to push this project on without a proper partner on my side. But alas, I have found one in the form of JoyGroup, a small but rapidly growing and ambitious web agency from Almere, Netherlands.

The structure of the project has also slightly changed. We have decided to use the name Topify for our main topic-based aggregation/analysis service, and make it a platform that will be reusable in many different ways. Of course, the first product that we will be launching based on Topify will be a blog-searching service that was the initial goal of mine, but further developments will include a full API, with a bunch of services around it, including a host of Drupal modules!

Watch this space for more announcements in the very near future.


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