Under Re-Construction

Sorry for not writing for a such a long time, but the Topify team has been quite busy with the personal life in the last 1.5 months to make any sort of huge progress. We have successfully launched our alpha version during the so-called Developers Day last month and met a lot of positive and supportive feedback. The main part of the site that most people were missing is some sort of community-like area, which was planned to be done next, but…

..but apparently we haven’t thought everything through when we started developing the site. So due to this, we were, unfortunately, stuck with a site design that didn’t allow for too many Web 2.0 features and a CMS that is a bit behind in this area. So after some consideration, we decided to switch both. The design has been much improved and looks sleeker than ever, which is a real joy. We have also switched our CMS and after a short period of porting the old stuff, we’re back on track and developing the final features quicker than ever. This said, there is still work to be done before we can launch a stable public beta. I’m not going to do the silly mistake of estimating a launch date again, but, to be honest, I’m kind of tired of developing in stealth mode and just want to get the thing out into the wild as soon as it goes. Unleash the beast on you! Yes, you! and YOU! Don’t run away!


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