Topify launching private alpha at Developers’ Day

Yes, it’s finally this far! We are violently beating at our keyboards and mouse buttons to finish up what seems like an alpha version of an exciting product. We still have some features missing completely, but the main bulk of the Topify world – blog topic mining and analytics – is done and awaiting first tests and reviews.

We will launch this first private alpha at a public, yet very small developers meeting hosted by the Chair for Information Systems and Databases at the RWTH Aachen University where me and my partner are still happily employed at the moment. The meeting is called “Developers’ Day” and has been staged for a couple of years now, with a host of interesting topics on current developments in – surprise – development of different software. You can visit the official page of the meeting here and drop by if you’re in Aachen. I should have posted this earlier, but if you really want to come, just come, it won’t be a problem. :)

After this, we will try to implement the last part of the site – the personal area – as quick as possible, consider all the suggestions from the alpha testers and launch for the public! These are hard times for start ups obviously and, as our application feedback form the seedcamp competition suggests, the market we’re entering has already some strong players, but we hope to bring a fresh perspective to blogs and topics. So, for the 1324145th time, stay tuned and we hope you will like Topify.


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