Seedcamp – No. Launch – Yes! But where?

The news is actually out for a while now, but I’ve been obviously not too eager to inform anyone.. that we haven’t been invited for a shortlist-interview to London on September 3rd. It is quite sad that we won’t be able to make the great experience of seedcamp this year, but either way, we have learned a lot about our product and the ways it can be presented while working on a prototype and the seedcamp application. So thank you for organizing the event and all the best of luck to all the participants!

Now if you listened carefully, you might have noticed the word “prototype” somewhere along the last lines :) We do indeed have a running prototype, which we’re currently in the process of improving to the point where it can be respectably presented to the public. We’ll try to add as many features as possible from the long list we have, but the main goal for us is to incorporate the main features like the “topifying” of blog posts and the corresponding search and exploration.

So the question now is where to launch Topify? There are a few options, even though none of these is really perfect and nothing is more important than getting off from the right note. We could launch at a workshop within the Computer Science Chair where me and my partner work at the moment. But this would be way too internal I guess. Another option would be to launch during the social meetup after the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin proposed by Mike Butcher over at TechCrunch. Or at one of the Digital Island meetups in Ireland, which I personally think most suited for our cause in the very near future. A tough decision, but in the end it will all come down to just launching as soon as possible and letting you, the users, tell us where to go next! :)

So stay tuned!


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