What People Say When They T..alk

This is a challenging question that comes up all the time in our everyday life. This includes anything from the “normal” face-to-face communication when two people meet on the street to blog entries and instant messages or tweets on the Web. As a matter of fact, this is the main topic of a great ReadWriteWeb post titled “What People Say When They Tweet“. I’m really glad to see that the survey performed by the RWW blog and Summize doesn’t stop on calculating the most frequent words and phrases, since those only reflect our emotions and current activities (e.g. lol, ;), working, sleeping). Instead, they try to extract the topics of conversations, further dividing these into short-term and long-term discussions (e.g. about a “Lost” episode vs. US election).

I find the results truly fascinating, since this is a kind of information that is really hard to obtain directly. What these results show is an extremely simplified reflection of the matters that in one way or the other bother us at a certain point in time. It’s a bit sad that the results show less than 10 topics per day, since there must be tens and hundreds of others that have a big enough population as well. It’s just normal that some themes that are common to all the population of a country, like the US election, will dominate all the discussions for a long time. This can be compared to a cloud of 100 topics, where one, the election, completely dominates the rest, but there are hundreds of others around it, that shouldn’t be neglected, considering that there are millions of potential topics.

But no need to be sad! Since this is exactly what Topify is aiming to provide all its’ users – an overview of the topics that are burning the fingertips of all those who are ardently blogging away in an effort to make oneself heard. We hope to make your everyday experience at this project’s site as fascinating as that one post on RWW, with the difference that we are aiming to concentrate on the more structural and constructive communication area – the blogosphere. Excited already? :)


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