Welcome to Topify!

Hello and welcome to the official blog of Topify!

What is Topify you ask? No? Well, we’ll tell you anyway. Topify is a project aiming to extract and provide you with the intrinsic subject for all those news articles and blog posts that appear en masse everyday on the Web. This problem occurred to me while working on my Master thesis on political communication online, when I noticed that while there is a lot of content out there that you know deals with the topics you want to examine or inform yourself on or just read about, it is not an easy task to filter it out properly.

Sure, there are blog directories and tagging communities, which, don’t take me wrong, are a great thing to have, but sometimes when you’re just looking for some facts and thoughts on.. say rubber stamps (the political ones) you end up with blog entries just calling someone a rubber stamp without much of an explanation or something similar to that. What is much harder to come by is a piece of writing like this, really dedicated to those politicians who, according to the new Safire’s Political Dictionary “take orders from a political leader or [are] dominated by orders from higher up.

So while the world of online news and blog posts is prospering like never before, the options on how to browse all this data remain rather scant. At the moment, if you don’t tag your content right, you run the risk of being missed by a significant part of your potential target audience because sometimes people just want to read about one exact topic and not all the posts tagged with a generalized concept. This is where we at Topify hope to be able to build a system that can extract those natural topics from news items and blog posts for everyone to discover and talk about.

If I could get you interested, come around again to this blog for further thoughts and discussions on this and related topics. The project itself is still in development, but with your suggestions it could become great addition to your favorite social web sites as soon as this Summer. Stay tuned! :)


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